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Car wash bay



Ø Do you operate a business that regularly washes plant, vehicles or boats on site (either as a fixed or mobile operation)?


Ø Are you aware that water from vehicle, plant and boat washdown facilities is considered to be trade effluent and requires processing before discharge?


Ø Are you aware that trade effluent discharged to the foul water drain requires a consent from the sewage/water company?


Ø Are you aware that trade effluent discharged to ground or surface water requires a permit from the Environment Agency?


Ø Are you aware that the cost of discharge to a water course, groundwater or sewer is proportional to the quality and quantity of the trade effluent discharged?


Ø Are you paying high fees for the disposal of effluent and/or emptying of silt traps in your current business operation?


Ø Are you a responsible company that strives to meet its environmental responsibilities?


Ø Do you wish to discuss your washdown regulatory responsibilities on a confidential, no-obligation basis?




FiltaBund may be the cost effective answer to your washdown water management needs. We provide vehicle wash bays, portable wash mats, wheel wash systems and washwater processing units that meet the requirments of UK legislation.

All systems are surface mounted and can replace sub surface, oil and fuel interceptors, settlement tanks and silt traps with little to no groundworks, which often saves considerable cost.

Complete washbays and wash pads can be provided, or existing systems can be upgraded to meet current regulations. So if you are looking for a full wash water recycling system, a partial water reclaim system, a simple compliant wash bay or run a mobile jet wash, we have the affordable product for you.

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car washbay
- Surface mounted vehicle and plant wash down


Vehicle wash bay
- Washbay retrofit/upgrade, heavy soil, ultra large bays

marina washbay
- Copper, silt, non-native species removal

Portable wash bay
- Packable and portable washbay


- Solid landing base for refuelling, maintenance and washdown


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